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The Jailhouse Lock and The Fallen Hero... [ATTN: "The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley]

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The Jailhouse Lock and The Fallen Hero... [ATTN: "The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley]

Post by "Dangerous" Justin Payne on Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:17 am

The camera fades into the backstage area. "The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley is walking toward the ring with Lindsay Lohan on his arm. Brandon whispers something into Lindsay's ear and she giggles and blushes like a school girl. Her laughter quickly vanishes though as her face immediatly goes from Happy to Angry. A figure walks into view and Brandon stares him down. The figure is wearing an Avenged Sevenfold hoodie with the sleeves ripped off, Black Acid Washed jeans, Black combat boots, Black sunglasses, and brown, slicked back hair. The man is none other than "Dangerous" Justin Payne. He takes off his sunglasses and drops them to the ground in front of Brandon and steps on them, crushing them under his boots. Payne gets nose to nose with Brandon and stares him down, standing a few inches taller than him. Payne speaks with intensity...

"Dangerous" Justin Payne: "Well, if it isn't the Honkey Tonk Man himself... The "Elvis Presley" of TCW... "The Master of the Jailhouse Lock" himself... "The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley... Nice to see you again, Hedley. Now... If I re-call, you were in a little fed called SCW with me, weren't you?"

Hedley never takes his eyes off of Payne as he slowly nods his head. Payne smirks and laughs.

"Dangerous" Justin Payne: "Hehe... You weren't in my league then, were you? I hardly remember you, actually. From what I remember of you, you were a low-life punk that always got his ass beat in the center of the ring. A low-life punk that has to pretend like he's Elvis Presley himself just in order to get a little bit of fame. You're nothing, Hedley. You're not even close to my league. And you know, tonight in that very ring, you're just going to get crushed again. This time, you won't be able to stand back up. You're taking on "Dangerous" Justin Payne himself... And, just like everyone else I've faced off against, you're going to suffer from the 8-0-3 and you'll just become another Fallen Hero."

Payne laughs to himself and bumps into Hedley as he walks away. Hedley, with a vicious scowl on his face, turns around and yells at Payne...

"Dangerous" Justin Payne
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VGM Moderator

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Re: The Jailhouse Lock and The Fallen Hero... [ATTN: "The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley]

Post by TheGracelander on Thu Sep 30, 2010 9:11 am

"The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley: "Payne! You're just anotha PAIN in mah behind. Yah may be thinkin' that tonight, yah get off easy, but I'm gunna to make it hell for yah! Then, when I'm done with yah, you'll only know the half of it."

Payne turns back around and gets back into Brandon's face.

"Dangerous" Justin Payne: "Only know the half of what? Once I hit you with the 8-0-3, it's Game, Set, and -"

"The Gracelander" shakes his head; raises his hand and Justin silences with a scowl.

"The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley: "It's not me yah need tah worry 'bout. If yah'd keep your eyes on the prize... yah'd know what I mean. Vercy is gonna be hell-bent on making yah squeal like a stuck pig in December. Do yah honestly believe he'll letcha walk away unscarred? unbroken? Naw, he's gunna push yah until you're finished. So just 'member that after our match tonight."

"The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley rolls his eyes and struts off with Lindsay, who looks simply, and utterly, pissed off. "Dangerous" Justin Payne is left with a contemplative and stern look on his face. The camera cuts back to the ring

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