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I Could Really Use a Wish Right Now

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I Could Really Use a Wish Right Now

Post by TheStar on Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:20 pm

Darren Orion is stretching in his locker room, limbering up before his match. He stretches his neck from side to side, pulls his arms in front of him, and does a few lunges on each side. He turns around towards a mirror and shakes off his tension while jumping on the spot. A click is heard. Darren turns and the camera pans out to show Ben. Ben stands at the door with his microphone in hand. Darren smirks and walks up to Ben, getting nose to nose with him.

Darren Orion: Got some questions, Ben?

Ben coughs, clearing his throat, his eyes cannot meet Darren's for longer than 10 seconds before he looks down at his microphone.

Ben: Darren, tonight you go one-on-one with +FCC+ Thor in a Buried Alive match. You have been poking and prodding at the champion since you walked through the doors of TCW. What is your plan tonight to put the gold around your waist?

Darren looks up at the ceiling, thinking briefly.

Darren Orion: Well, Ben, to be honest I'm going to get into that ring and do what no one else has been able to do... beat Thor. I'm going to beat that bastard within an inch of his life and put him in the ground... for good. I'm going to bury his hopes of beating me, his hopes of remaining champion, and his hopes of staying respecting into the ground with him. If he thinks... that for one second that I'm going to give less that one hundred and fifty percent... he's got me all wrong. Tonight, I walk out of Buried Alive the NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Ben coughs again.

: Darren, I wish you the best in your match tonight. And all of TCW does too.

Ben extends his hand. Darren looks down at it quizzically.

Darren Orion: What?

Ben: Thor has sort of been... well... the dictator of TCW. If you recall what he did to me -

Darren Orion: Yeah, I saw how he dogged you. Skip to the part about why you want me to win...

Ben looks even more nervous than before.

Ben: We just want someone who can talk and walk all at once. If you catch my drift.

Darren looks down at the hand once again. He takes it and shakes it with respect.

Darren Orion: I'm flattered.

Darren releases Ben's hand. He leaves and Darren stares at the ground, unsure of what to think.

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