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Post by TheStar on Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:22 am

Ben is standing in the hallway of the TCW Arena talking to one of the technicians as Holiday Havoc has just become underway.

Ben: So, whenever the camera's are on, my mic is on?

Technician: Yea... that's usually how it works Ben...

Ben: Oh, I just figured I was being heard out of sheer dumb luck!

Ben looks ecstatic. The technician rolls his eyes and starts to walk away.

Technician: Interviewers...

Ben looks bewildered as the technician walks off. All of a sudden "The Star" Darren Orion passes through frame, championship belt on his shoulder. He says "Excuse me" to Ben as he almost bumps into him. Ben does a double take.

Ben: Whoa! Hey! Darren! We haven't heard a lot from you in the past month. I was just wondering what that was all about?

Darren Orion: All I can tell you is that it's personal.

Darren attempts to walk away, but Ben rushes in front of him.

Ben: And what about your title match tonight against Ultimate Legend. It seems like you're just being tossed in matches without care. Is there something you can say about that?

Darren sighs and looks deeply at Ben with complete seriousness.

Darren Orion: Ben, I am under contractual agreement that I do not speak of any occurances or happenings within this month related to or surrounding my exposure time, or lack thereof. All I can tell you is that I'm frustrated, fired up, and I'm going to defend my title. And when the next season starts...

Darren looks directly at the camera.

Darren Orion: I will finish what someone else started...

Darren storms off down the hall.

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