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Locker Room with Skye. (For Holiday Havoc)

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Locker Room with Skye. (For Holiday Havoc)

Post by Devilredjin on Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:26 am

The camera slowly fades in to Skye Ignati and Shelly, the backstage interviewer. Straighting up his purple, "Reach For the Skye!" T-Shirt, Skye looks over to Shelly.

Skye: Is this thing on?

Skye looks at the camera for a moment poking at the lens. Shelly smiles back at Skye, almost laughing at his oddity

Shelly: Yes, it is.

Skye stops poking and looks at the lens.

Skye: Then listen up close you people watching at home, because its me, the Wednesday night Fight, the PPV ALL....Nighter, it ain't no lie, it's ME...SKYE!

Smiling at the sucessful introduction, Skye looks back to Shelly.

Skye: And the lovely interviewer for me today is our own Shelly!

Shelly smiles a bit more, blushing a tad at Skyes antics.

Shelly: Anyways Skye, I wanted to ask you a little bit about what your thoughts about tonight and last TWC Main Event match, you and your ex. Federation Mate Killswitch, vs. Laguna and your other ex. Federation Mate Vercingetorix.

Skye looked at the ground for a bit, seemingly disheartened.

Skye: And here I was thinking that you just wanted to talk about going out for a night on the town later.

Shelly laughed a little, smiling still.

Shelly: Cute Skye, real cute, but do you mind answering my question? I try to keep my business and personal life separate, sorry.

Skye looked down for a little more before putting on a goofy grin and looking back at the lens.

Skye: Last TCW was amazing, and Tonight is going to be amazing! I can't wait for all the match-ups, I had my good old fashion SCW re-match! My bloods boiling, my hearts pounding, my thoughts are racing, and I am ALL. REVVED. UP!

Skye seemed to almost be bouncing in anticipation, ready almost there and then to fight it out.

Skye: And before tonights main event, I might just talk to give you all a little surprise! So stayed tuned in all you kids watching at home, because you will NOT....want to miss this.

Skye turned to Shelly, his face in a full out grin, happy with everything he had said.

Skye: Is that good enough for you?

Shelly: Yah that was, thanks for the interview....and by the way.

Shelly moves closer to Skye, almost so that she can whisper in his ear.

Shelly: Maybe some other time you can show me why they call you the PPV all....nighter.

Shelly saunters away, leaving a very confused but happy Skye in her wake.

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Re: Locker Room with Skye. (For Holiday Havoc)

Post by "Dangerous" Justin Payne on Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:54 pm

((OORP: Meh, I'm bored. I'll reply to this real quickly))

As Skye turns around to walk away, he walks right into a man almost a foot taller than him. Skye looks up right into the man's eyes as the camera pans out to show him... "Dangerous" Justin Payne. Wearing a Bring Me The Horizon hoodie with the sleeves ripped off and the hood down, black acid-washed jeans, black combat boots, and the TCW Extreme Championship draped over his shoulder, Payne stands in Skye's way. Skye tries to maneuver around him, but Payne steps in his way each time. Suddenly, Skye speaks.

Skye Ignati: "Listen here, ya big buffoon. I don't care if you're the Extreme Champion or not. If you don't step outta my way, I'm gonna have ta force ya outta my way."

Payne looks down upon Skye and starts to chuckle to himself. His face suddenly becomes serious before he speaks.

"Dangerous" Justin Payne: "Well, well, well. If it isn't the Wednesday Night Delight himself... Mr. Skye Ignati. You may not know me, just my name, but I'd like to tell you that I, to, am a former SCW wrestler myself. Of course, I came into the business LONG after you were gone "being sick." I led quite a reign in SCW too. But, I'm not going to go into that right now. I'm just here to tell you that as ringside at your match for the main event. For you? No. You're not worthy of that privilege yet. I'm was there to scout Killswitch and Vercingetorix for tonight, Holiday Havoc, considering how I'm facing the both of them. But, Skye, don't think that I wasn't watching you. Because I was, and I will be. Hell, a little birdy told me that me and you might be facing off here soon. So you might wanna show me more than what you had last night, kid."

Skye stares at Payne furiously as Payne turns around to walk away. Payne stops and then turns back around, getting right back into Skye's face.

"Dangerous" Justin Payne: "Skye, just to let you know... I'm Justin Payne, the TCW Extreme Champion, and I'm... DANGEROUS."

Payne starts to chuckle to himself as he leaves the camera shot, leaving Ignati standing there, watching him walk away with a look of frustration on his face. The camera fades out...

"Dangerous" Justin Payne
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Re: Locker Room with Skye. (For Holiday Havoc)

Post by Devilredjin on Thu Dec 02, 2010 7:36 pm

Bump, fix, edited


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Re: Locker Room with Skye. (For Holiday Havoc)

Post by ReyLiviu on Fri Dec 03, 2010 6:45 pm

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Re: Locker Room with Skye. (For Holiday Havoc)

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