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Fate and Other Unworldly Things

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Fate and Other Unworldly Things

Post by TheStar on Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:07 am

TCW Heavyweight Champion, +FCC+ Thor, is polishing his title in his locker room. He hangs it in his locker delicately, marvelling in its shine. Then he looks down to his bag and pulls out some of his gear. Setting it in his locker, he looks back to his belt, for some reason he scowls and then shoots a disturbed glare at the door. The camera pans over as the door clicks shut. Standing there is none other than "The Star" Darren Orion. He smirks coyly.

Darren Orion: You caught me!

+FCC+ Thor: What are YOU doing in my locker room?!

Darren Orion: Calm down, sparky, it's not like I'm here to knock over your Lego towers and steal your teddy bear. I just wanted to make sure that you remembered what was fast approaching...

+FCC+ Thor gets into Darren's face. He is not fazed.

+FCC+ Thor: And what would that be Orion?

Darren's coy smirk changes to a serious gaze.

Darren Orion: Your last title defense, actually. I just wanted to make sure you were ready to have that belt permanently stripped from your waist. You're going to be the last original member of TCW that will hold that championship... and from here on out... I will start the Orion Era... and it's going to make you the most miserable man on the planet.

+FCC+ Thor: You think that your stupid "psych games" are going to work on me Orion? I've obliterated every man in my path, you don't think you're next? TRY ME! You will end up squashed, just like the bug you are. And when I'm through with you... I will continue to reign over TCW. The most decorated champion in its history.

An eerie smile creeps onto +FCC+ Thor's face. He scans Darren up and down.

+FCC+ Thor: You best be on your way, Orion. Wouldn't want you to be late for your match.

Darren Orion: Keep your eyes peeled to that television screen, you'll need to make notes.

Darren exits the locker room as +FCC+ Thor begins an evil cackle.

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