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Going for Number 1 Contender

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Going for Number 1 Contender

Post by Impactuous on Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:06 am

The Hitman walks down the ramp slowly. He nears the bottom of the ring and does a muscle pose then slides into the ring in a suit. He brings the Mic down to his lips.

Impactuous the Hitman: I am the future of TCW. What you see here is the body of an Athlete and a Champion! I'm going to walk my way through my competition and absolutely nailing them with with my ultimate finisher, and sooner or later I will be the new rookie champion!

The Crowd sits silently thinking of what comes next. Laguno's Theme music come's on and makes his way to the ring. He grabs another mic.

Laguno Maruko: Well as i say to all good luck with getting that belt you'll definately have to work hard for it. I see you as a confident superstar. BUT, this won't be as easy as you think to beat the Current Rookie Champion! Diablo! An...

Impactuous the Hitman: Can I say something Laguno, I am the future of TCW! If Diablo tried to beat me I would put him into my ultimate finishing! Make him scream in pain, As that's what I do best. Even if the fans like me, hate me, I don't really care! Until I get my hands on the belt I will keep torturing Enemies, keep fighting with Ally and keep my opponent occupied in an everlasting world of pain!

Laguno Maruko: Okay, so you are VERY confident! All I have to say now is good luck against some of the strongest rookies like Hunter X, Hulk "Hulkster" Hogan, The Star and especially someone that has your treasure. Have fun.

As Maruko leaves, 2 people in robes and masks run down the ramp with steel chairs and run into the ring slamming the 2 chairs into Impactuous's face.

???: So...

A dark gloomy voice speaks.

???: You Aren't the Future of TCW! We ARE!

The Man not speaking Is still smashing Impactuous's face with the chair! Impactuous is Bleeding! Impactuous is Knocked out! The Medic's run in and The bandit's say one last thing...

???: How can you be the Future of TCW if ALL YOU ARE IS A WIMP!

The 2 Bandits spit on Impactuous's face as Impactuous lay's their unconcious. Medic's pick him up and take him away...

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