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Knowing The Enemy [Interview]

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Knowing The Enemy [Interview] Empty Knowing The Enemy [Interview]

Post by Ridge on Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:34 am

*[The following events occurs in the next TCW show after the Surfside Sin PPV]*

The camera opens with Gerard Ridge and Michelle in the interview area.

Michelle: Im right now with the TCW Rockstar...Gerard Ridge. Ridge, how do you feel after your first PPV match?, I mean, you defeated Laguna Maruko.

Ridge: Well, what can I say? my match againts Laguna has been the most important match that I´ve had in TCW. It was a hard match and hopefully not the last.

Michelle: Ridge, you promise to the TCW fans that you will give all your effort to become a champion, but, I think its a little rushed to want to be a champion.

Ridge: I know that Im new here on TCW, but I need to think in the highest spot of this company...

Suddendly a man appears behind Michelle, an arrogant guy with a smile on his face, he takes the microphone from the hands of Michelle...

Speed-O: What the hell do a pretty girl like you interviewing an should interview a real man like me.

Ridge moves Michelle behind him and grabs the microphone.

Ridge: I didnt know that TCW accept idiots like you...btw, who the hell are you?

Speed-O: My name is Speed-O...and I crush "dumbstars" like you.

Ridge: Really?? I want to see that "Speed-dumb".

Speed-O: Dont worry my new friend, we have all the time of the world to know each other, I hope to see you soon in the ring.

Ridge: I dont have any damn intention to know you, but you know something, I have not seen you even once in the ring, maybe you can be my next opponent, you can be the 3-0 on my list.

Speed-O: That sounds, "Rockstar".

Ridge is face to face with Speed-O. Ridge, looks at Speed-O with determination but Speed-O walks away with a little smile on his face. Ridge now looks to Michelle.

Ridge: Are you okay?

Michelle: Yeah, Im fine.

Ridge: Hope I never have to worry of this guy.

The camera moves away focusing on Ridge and Michelle.

The camera fades out.

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