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How To Train Your Vercingetorix

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How To Train Your Vercingetorix

Post by TheGracelander on Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:59 am

The camera pans up on "The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley spinning a standing acoustic guitar. His 70's aviator sunglasses glint the fluorescent light in the room. His southern accent evident.

"The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley: Vercingetorix, I wanna to thank yah for comin' out on Domination and explainin' how stupid it was for anyone to come out right and challenge yah for your Extreme Championship. Personally, I believe that I was enlightened by your display. But I ain't just anyone.

Brandon stands up and props the guitar on his shoulder like a rifle.

"The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley: I also received your lovely gift of the DVD chroniclin' your extreme matches. Though, I found a much more suitable place for it than in mah DVD player.

The Gracelander gestures somewhere in the room and walks out. The camera pans over to a garbage bin ablaze. The camera cuts out to the corridors of the TCW Arena.

"The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley: I don't need to watch your matches, Vercy. I also didn't appreciate the mockery of my home-grown accent. Jus' because I'm better than yah, don't mean yah can diss Graceland. But I do have a way I can prove that I'm more than ready for yah AND your Extreme Championship.

Brandon pauses before the intersection of another hallway. The camera pans out and sees Vintage walking closer to "The Gracelander. He prepares the guitar and as Vintage comes into view, he swings.

"The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley swings an acoustic guitar
bringing it down onto Vintages head executing a MORTAL 6-String Smash

Brandon looks down at Vintage, who is knocked out cold. He looks back up at the camera, smirking.

"The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley: Now, this was just an old beater I found lyin' around. But, when I come for your Extreme Title, Vercy, Blue Moon is goin' to bring yah to the Heartbreak Hotel... and yah can call me the New... Extreme... Champion.

"The Gracelander" walks off down the intersecting corridor, leaving Vintage and the exploded guitar on the floor.

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Re: How To Train Your Vercingetorix

Post by Vercingetorix on Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:53 pm

Nice. Do you have any idea when our match is gonna be?

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Re: How To Train Your Vercingetorix

Post by Laguna Maruko on Wed Aug 11, 2010 1:42 am

Laguna Maruko
Laguna Maruko
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GM Moderator

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Re: How To Train Your Vercingetorix

Post by Sponsored content

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